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Art therapy is a mental health career that believes in the uses of self-expression to help improve self-esteem, interpersonal skills, reduce stress, improve the mental and emotional state, resolve conflicts of people from young to old. Art therapists have a degree in art therapy and the Educational requirements aree: counseling, psychotherapy, art therapy theories and are well versed in the creative process of art such as; sculpture, drawing, painting and other media) for treatment and assessment of patients.

The purpose of this site is to advance the understanding of how visual art functions in the treatment, education, development, and enrichment of people. provides a scholarly forum for diverse points of view on art therapy and strives to present a broad spectrum of ideas in therapy, practice, professional issues and research. Welcome to the online publication in the field of art therapy.





Art Therapy Journal

  • The History of Art Therapy

    The History of Art Therapy

    According to the American Art Therapy Association (AATA), art therapy is the use of art creation as a form of psychotherapy for people experiencing trauma or illness, seeking personal development, or struggling to deal with the day-to-day act of living. Through the act of creating art and thinking about the

  • Graduate Programs for Art Therapy

    Graduate Programs for Art Therapy

    People who pursue an art therapy degree receive the best of both worlds. In addition to training in various forms of art, students are taught a variety of counseling skills they can use to help other people utilize art to resolve psychological issues. There are two ways to obtain training

  • How Art Therapy Can Help Children

    How Art Therapy Can Help Children

    While children can often benefit from therapy, especially if they have mental health problems or disabilities, they may find it scary or difficult to properly express themselves in a clinical setting. This is particularly true for young children who generally have limited vocabularies and those that don’t speak the primary

  • Obtaining Your Art Therapy Degree

    Obtaining Your Art Therapy Degree

    Art Therapy DegreeĀ Art therapy is a combination of art and psychotherapy. It is a form of psychology that involves using art as a medium for therapy or incorporating art into an existing mental health program. People who specialize in this field use art to help their patients resolve a variety

  • Getting Your Art Therapy Certification

    Getting Your Art Therapy Certification

    As far as psychotherapy goes, art therapy is a fairly young discipline. Although people have known about the therapeutic benefits of creating art for a long time, it wasn’t until the mid-twentieth century that art therapy began developing into a profession. The field is rapidly gaining acceptance as a valid

  • Why Art Therapy is Beneficial

    Why Art Therapy is Beneficial

    Are you feeling down in the dumps for one reason or another? If so, then art therapy could be just what you need to jump start your life, and get you back to feeling normal once again. It is not a difficult concept to follow, all you do is simply

  • How to Become an Art Therapist

    How to Become an Art Therapist

    If you are considering becoming an art therapist and were wondering about the art therapy education requirements, unfortunately, at the present time there is not a single path that is recommended. We suggest that you read this article very closely, and do as much research on your own as is

  • Art Therapist Salary

    Art Therapist Salary

    Becoming an art therapist is certainly a righteous and mentally stimulating career selection. In addition, it can be quite financially rewarding, and the demand for the professionals that work in this industry is definitely growing. However, it is fairly expensive to obtain the degrees that are needed to be licensed