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Art Therapist Salary

Becoming an art therapist is certainly a righteous and mentally stimulating career selection. In addition, it can be quite financially rewarding, and the demand for the professionals that work in this industry is definitely growing.

However, it is fairly expensive to obtain the degrees that are needed to be licensed in the state where you plan on practicing. If you are interested in this line of work, then you should know that if you want to work at the highest level and be as well paid as possible, you will need at the very least, a masters degree, if not a doctoral degree.
Presently, the average salary for an art therapist is $57,000 a year, according to the website SimplyHired.com. From June of 2008 to February of 2010 the number of people working in this industry increased by 32%.

As with most lines of work, the amount of money that you can expect to be paid will vary based on where you live. Some art therapists also work in other fields like occupational therapy, family counseling, marriage counseling, and social work.

If you are an art therapist you can work for health care services firms, government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, hospice programs, prisons, community mental health organizations, and of course you could open your own private practice.

The demand for art therapist is not expected to decrease anytime in the near future. In addition, the more distinguished the university degrees that you obtain will only increase your employment opportunities.

If you are thinking about entering into this line of work, you will certainly be able to help a great number of people that should leave you more than satisfied with yourself and your career choice.