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Materials Used in Art Therapy

Here’s a list of materials used in Art Therapy and their intended purposes
1) Water Colors – They will allow you to paint anything that you desire using any color that you want, and will create a state of being calm and relaxed.
2) Acrylic Paint – This material will allow you to emulate any tree, and promotes a connection to Mother Nature.
3) Colored Pencils – It is recommended that you draw circles with these instruments to help develop a sense of being self assured and centered.
4) Markers – Draw pictures of the people that you are having problems with, along with yourself. It should help you to develop a sense of understand and a way to coexist in harmony once again.
5) Photography – Whenever you are outside, take a picture that conveys exactly how you are feeling at that moment in time. It will help to teach you how to recognize your actual emotions and feelings.
6) Pencils – They should be used to create your family as you would see them, if they were members of a circus troupe. It will enable you to look at your family differently, hopefully being able to see their funnier sides.
7) Collage – Use any pictures that you can get from coloring books, magazines, or the newspaper to create an image of who you would like to be, how you would like to feel, and how you would like to look. This will provide you something to shoot for in the future.
8) Clay – The clay should be used to create a pot to place your anger in, and never let it out again. You now know what you have to do to keep this unwanted and deeply disturbing emotion under control.
When art therapy is utilized in the proper fashion, it will allow you to see things about yourself that were formerly imperceptible. That of course is the first step in the healing process, and can help to propel you to a better happier life.